The company incubated LightSpeck, Lda, creates a weekly program dedicated to the creation of companies, on the Cá se Fazem website. Weekly tips and suggestions that will help you create your own business and to enhance their entrepreneurial side will be revealed.

The initiative holds the team’s Cá se Fazem PT website, is boosting the “healthy entrepreneurship” in Portugal, providing information about the best business ideas of today, while offering detailed and proper information about “How to Create a Company”.

The Project Cá se Fazem it is a site of excellence to enhance what is good, what is Portugal and Portuguese, produced in our country, with the quality and requirement of the Portuguese work. Regardless of the area, the type of products or materials used, provided it is good and Portuguese, will take place on Cá se Fazem PT.

To publicize your project at this site only need to provide a detailed description of the history of your product/service, resources and materials used in its production and/ environmental/ social economic potential this has.

What to know more about entrepreneurship in Portugal? Have a product you want to promote? Know someone who could benefit from this initiative?

Here if they do, here are disseminated here and become great. We like what is Portuguese and you?