Took place on January 27 at the Facilities of In.Cubo a meeting with the Deputy State Secretary of Food and Agribusiness Research, Dr. º Miguel Araújo and representatives of the various entities that have responsibility in Alto Minho in rural development , with order to initiate a pilot project for Entrepreneurship in Rural Area , named : HRMS – Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas . The implementation of this project , which will be coordinated by In.Cubo , told with the contribution of ADRIL , the Adriminho , CIM Alto Minho , the IPVC , UTAD and CA Northwest , and contemplates the intervention of the ten municipalities of Alto Minho .

The HRMS aims to develop an expeditious method of promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship in rural areas, creating dynamics of working together , creating jobs and fixing the population . With the participation in this project, In.Cubo, aimed at boosting an industry and activity for which the Alto Minho has great potential, because of its massive and inimitable endogenous resources, traditional agricultural products and foodstuffs , with the ultimate goal the promotion of youth employment and the competitiveness and social cohesion.

This project will take place over the next six months if perspetivando that the results you get will contribute to the implementation of projects under the next Framework for Community Support Strategy 2014-2020.